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Welcome to English II

Students in English II read, discuss, and write about both classical and contemporary world literature through which students will identify cultural significance. They will examine pieces of world literature in a cultural context to appreciate the diversity and complexity of world issues and to connect global ideas to their own experiences. Students will continue to explore language for expressive, informational/explanatory, critical, argumentative and literary purposes, although emphasis will be placed on explanatory contexts. In addition to literature study, students will:

  • Examine non-literary texts related to cultural studies.
  • Research material to use primarily in clarifying their own explanatory responses to situations and literary-based issues.
  • Critically interpret and evaluate experiences, literature, language, and ideas.
  • Use standard grammatical conventions and select features of language appropriate to purpose, audience, and context of the work.

Strands: Oral Language, Written Language, and Other Media/Technology 

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Celebrate the National Day of Listening



We'll have some new things to think about over the Thanksgiving break:  reading The Kite Runner and the National Day of Listening.  Also, don't forget that your research projects will be starting soon.

Mrs. Moyer

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